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Chabas and Besson designs and manufactures specialized high precision hydraulic cylinders. These can be up to 6 meters in length and are used in industrial, marine and infrastructure projects in drilling, energy, marine, nuclear, iron and steel, quarries, construction and more.

The company also provides a hydraulic cylinder repair service to bring older cylinders back to original specification and performance.

Chabas and Besson operate from 2 factories in La Roche Sur Yon and Fontenay-Le-Comte in the Vendee region of Western France.

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Chabas & Besson designs, manufactures and repairs all types of hydraulic cylinders.

For more than 70 years, Chabas & Besson has been designing and manufacturing all types of hydraulic cylinders, from medium runs to custom cylinders with prototyping, from special telescopic cylinders in demanding materials to customized off-the-shelf cylinders, in sectors including drilling, pharmaceuticals, defence, offshore, shipbuilding, energy, nuclear, bodywork, handling, industry, iron and steel, public works and quarries.

Today, thanks to our experience in manufacturing new cylinders and repairing oversized cylinders, Chabas & Besson can repair all types of hydraulic cylinders. We have two fast repair shops located in La Roche sur Yon and Fontenay-Le-Comte for urgent repairs, a hydraulic cylinder maintenance department for ongoing service and technicians available to perform on-site repairs for building sites or production plants.