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Steady growth

Since 1978, Jacques and Marie-Paule FÉTIS have grown their company in line with changes in the sector. After our beginnings as a local distributor of engines, today FÉTIS Group is an international supplier of systems used throughout the life cycle of machines in three sectors: mobility, energy and industry.

Steady growth

Secodi, the first company of Fétis Group, is located along the Loire River in Nantes, France, and its growth has been closely tied to the Loire for more than 40 years.

Jacques and Marie-Paule FÉTIS, founders of Secodi, started their business selling and repairing Perkins diesel engines. The Bateaux de l’Erdre river cruisers and various small fishing boats were among their first customers. Today FÉTIS Group has expanded into new areas, with a view to promoting the energy transition by decarbonizing machines.


Family Mindset

Family Mindset

While we have grown exponentially in France and internationally, FÉTIS Group has nevertheless kept our family mindset.

Damien FÉTIS, President, Évrard FÉTIS, Vice-President and Sébastien VERRON, CFO and General Secretary, remain approachable, decision-making is direct, and the hierarchical structure is clear and simple.

Our Divisions

Mobility & Engines

Industry & Energy



Our companies leverage their expertise and synergy to support our customers in their energy transition by delivering clean, smart solutions.

An international presence

Today, thanks to our international presence in the 9 countries where we operate (France, Finland, Estonia, Turkey, Spain, Mauritius, Cambodia, Côte d’Ivoire, Germany), FÉTIS Group is recognized as a leading industrial equipment manufacturer and systems integrator working to decarbonize mobility (off-road, on-road and marine) and industry.

Our Vision

“We are an independent, international family-owned business, offering innovative solutions and services for the energy transition in the mobility and industrial sectors.” 

Our Values

We are excited about growing our Group and our opportunities for expansion. Entrepreneurship is our way of life. This is reflected in our ability to innovate, to reinvent ourselves and to take charge of our future to better serve our customers.

We work to benefit the Group, our Employees and our Customers by building long-term, rewarding partnerships driven by our sense of social responsibility.

We have built and consolidated our reputation as a family-owned group thanks to the transparency and ethics of each one of us. Our words are followed by actions, and we achieve what we promise.

Our mission

We are committed to responsible and sustainable development.

We work with our customers to design, produce and integrate innovative systems to decarbonize mobility (On-road, Off-road and Marine) and industry.

We optimize the operating costs of our customers’ machines throughout their life cycle by offering multi-technical services.