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Corporate Social Responsability

“Offer everyone the opportunity to realize their potential

and protect the planet for future generations by leveraging energy technologies that can contribute to a sustainable future.”


A challenge to meet

A challenge to meet

The context of the last few months, the pandemic, the increase in raw material prices, the international supply-chain problems, the shortage of electronic components and the rise in the price of fossil fuels have profoundly disrupted the market equilibrium and have forced us to thoroughly review our models, our frames of reference, our processes and our organization.

The latest IPCC reports have also alerted us of the urgent need to take action to massively reduce CO2 emissions and curb global warming.

Climate crisis, health crisis, social crisis: what a challenge!

As an independent, international family-owned business with a long-term focus, we realized that we had a leading role to play.


Our companies have therefore recently formed a Group to better pool our strengths and actions to offer concrete and reliable solutions for decarbonizing heavy mobility, energy and industry.

Without a doubt, the core of our CSR strategy lies in our ability to innovate to decarbonize our solutions and products. This is our key priority!

Through our expertise and our passion for innovative technologies, we have acquired vast experience in reducing emissions, electrification and transitioning to hydrogen for heavy mobility.

As a medium-sized company, our size and international presence are major assets in becoming a leader in the energy transition.

Our CSR policy is an integral part of our growth strategy. It is also pragmatic, based on simple, concrete actions carried out in line with our values, our raison d’être and our commitments.


As part of our “CAP 2030” strategy, we have prioritized our areas of action based on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Our CSR Policy

Our four CSR priorities are based on economic, environmental and social issues, and cover a number of themes that represent both risks and opportunities for the Group. Based on these themes, we have built a clear and precise action plan to monitor our progress. The action plan also drives engagement among our stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, institutions, etc.) through continuous dialogue that addresses their expectations.




& Ethics


Our CSR Committee is composed of people with different roles within the Group. But each and every employee contributes to the success of our CSR strategy through their initiatives and engagement.