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Dintec, Pioneers Advanced Drivetrain Solutions Across Industries

L'électrification en marche : DINTEC, une société de FÉTIS Group, pionnière en matière de solutions de transmission avancées dans tous les secteurs d'activité

DINTEC, one of the decarbonation brands of the FÉTIS Group, is making strides in electrified drivetrain solutions across industries, including off-highway, commercial, and marine applications. Michael Schmitt, Dintec Gmbh’s representative, highlights their expertise in system integration and collaboration with suppliers like Danfoss Editron. The article by Julian Buckley, Editor at Power Progress International, provides insights into Dintec’s role within FÉTIS Group, emphasizing their adaptive approach to challenges in the evolving electrified vehicle market. For more details, refer to the original article by Julian Buckley on Power Progress International’s website.

For more details, you can explore the full article here.

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