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FÉTIS Group celebrating 45 Years of SECODI : A Journey of Innovation and Growth

FÉTIS Group celebrating 45 Years of SECODI: A Journey of Innovation and Growth

Published on Nov. 10, 2023

SECODI, the founding company of the FÉTIS Group, recently marked its 45th anniversary. The milestone was commemorated with a “GET TOGETHER” event in September, bringing together the group’s employees from the French subsidiaries to celebrate this journey.

Founded by Jacques and Marie-Paule Fétis, SECODI embarked on its transformative journey four and a half decades ago. The early years were not without challenges, with the founders navigating both the intricacies of building a business and the complexities of family life. As the company grew, their children became integral to the daily operations, a true family commitment to the business.

One pivotal moment in the company’s history was when Damien Fétis, son of the founders and now president of the group, received his first engine to disassemble and rebuild. This hands-on experience not only provided a playful insight into the company’s challenges but also laid the foundation for a deeper understanding of SECODI’s mission.

From humble beginnings representing only 4% of France, SECODI steadily expanded its footprint, reaching every corner of the country and growing its team to 650 individuals. Over the years, the company has undergone significant evolution and diversification. While initially focused on being distributors of parts and engines, the last two decades have seen a strategic shift towards becoming system integrators. SECODI now brings more specialized expertise to the table, positioning itself as a key player in the realm of mobility innovation.

In a momentous celebration on September 14th, the FÉTIS Group orchestrated its inaugural intercompany gathering, uniting 300 team members for a day of camaraderie and festivity at Chateau des Marais, near Nantes. Damien Fétis, the President of FÉTIS Group, underscored the significance of this unique gathering.

“It is the first time that we gathered together in this way as a group[…]. Even though the organization has grown from 4 people to 600, we are still strongly attached to our original identity as a family business. This was simply an opportunity to celebrate our identity, our pride in being together and in what we achieve every day.”

The event was not just about reflection and celebration; it was also a platform to share exciting advancements with the wider team. FÉTIS Group took the opportunity to showcase two of its decarbonation technology projects:

  1. EvolE – The Autonomous Off-Road Robotics Platform developped by Dintec, an example of our capabilities in autonomous off-road robotics.
  2. IndHYgo – The hydrogen Powered Genset developped by GeniWat, an example of our dedication to decarbonation and fostering environmentally friendly power generation.

As an active participant in the field of innovation in mobility, SECODI’s 45-year journey is a testament to its adaptability, expertise, and commitment to pushing the boundaries.