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A look at the FÉTIS Group's growth and future plans with Chairman Damien Fétis

Published on Dec. 7,

In an interview with L’Invité.e Business, Damien Fétis, President of the FÉTIS Group, talks about the company’s long history, its evolution and international expansion, as well as its strategic vision for the future. The interview, hosted by Clément Lesort, explores the central role of the FÉTIS Group in advancing decarbonation across all industries.

Having grown up within the company founded by his parents in 1978, Damien Fétis took over as CEO in 2017. Focused on land and sea mobility, the FÉTIS Group comprises 28 entities, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and development. The interview highlights the company’s transformation projects, such as the conversion of the Grand Éléphant engine in Nantes from diesel to hybrid-electric.

Damien Fétis emphasized the importance of navigating a complex business environment with lucidity and clear-sighted decision-making. The three-pronged approach to leadership, combined with day-to-day operational involvement and strategic foresight, is the basic recipe of FÉTIS Group success.

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