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A Decade of PowerTK in Turkey: FÉTIS Group's Thriving Journey

A Decade of PowerTK in Turkey: FÉTIS Group's Thriving Journey

Published on Oct. 18, 2023

In a celebration of a decade-long presence in Turkey, PowerTK, a subsidiary of the FÉTIS Group, stands at the heart of Turkey’s agricultural and manufacturing landscape. The journey, rich in accomplishments, reflects not just business expansion but a deep-rooted commitment to fostering innovation and nurturing lasting relationships.

Agricultural Powerhouse: Perkins Engines in Turkish Agriculture

For a decade, Perkins engines have been the backbone of Turkish agriculture, vital to major tractor manufacturers. Ensuring their prolonged efficiency is crucial. Here’s where PowerTK steps in. Power TK also helps keep those tractors productive and efficient through maintenance services and the supply of genuine spare parts.

Generators Powering Beyond Borders

Turkey’s is home to many international generator manufacturers, with a significant footprint in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. PowerTK has been at the forefront, forming strong technical and commercial partnerships to further elevate its position in the competitive generator market.

FÉTIS Group‘s Vision: A Strategic Investment and International Expansion

Turkey, which is rapidly evolving into a competitive innovation and manufacturing economy, caught the eye of the FÉTIS Group a decade ago. Recognizing the potential and aligning with the shared values of a long-term, relationship-driven approach to business, the Fétis Group saw PowerTK as an opportunity for investment and international expansion.

Cultural Harmony: Long-Term Relationships and Trust

The Turkish culture, deeply rooted in values of long-term relationships and trust, aligns seamlessly with the ethos of the FÉTIS Group. This cultural synergy has not only fueled successful business operations but has also strengthened the bonds between PowerTK and its partners in Turkey.

Supplying Genuine Parts: Our Strength in Motion

A key strength lies in the provision of genuine parts, with Perkins engines enjoying widespread usage. This commitment to authenticity has been a driving force, ensuring the reliability and longevity of the engines across various applications and compliments our long-term relationship with Perkins through FÉTIS Group’s French division SECODI.

As we celebrate this successful decade, we express gratitude for the shared values that bind us, the enduring relationships built, and the trust placed in PowerTK by the Turkish community. Here’s to a decade of growth, collaboration, and shared success, with a promising future ahead for PowerTK and the FÉTIS Group.