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The FÉTIS Group Accelerates Towards Green Mobility

The FÉTIS Group Accelerates Towards Green Mobility

Published on March. 15, 2023

The FÉTIS Group, a Nantes-based enterprise with a long history in diesel engines, is orchestrating a significant shift towards electric and hydrogen power systems. With an international workforce of over 650 and more than €170 million in revenue, the company a leader and catalyst in the evolving landscape of heavy mobility. Committed to helping the industry to reduce carbon emissions, Fétis Group is increasing its workforce, and is actively recruiting, especially for technical roles across France, as well as internationally.

Positioned at the forefront of the energy transition, the FÉTIS Group recognizes the pivotal role of hydrogen in the future of mobility. Leveraging 45 years of industry experience, the company is intensifying its focus on innovative solutions. The recent investment in a research and development center, amounting to €1.5 million annually, underscores the commitment to pioneering technologies. This strategic move aligns with FÉTIS Group’s ambition to become a major European integrator in decarbonized heavy mobility. 


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